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believe in the journey

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Believe in the journey

Create your own life on a wave of confidence, courage, and self defense. We believe in a life that's active, exciting, and full of travel. Northern Tsunami helps you to discover your own hidden skill and share your story with the world. Empower yourself through our self-defense and confidence-building workshops that challenge you to become the best version of yourself. 

You're not going to find another brand like ours

Represent your passion through our lifestyle brand. 

We specialize in a mix of activewear and lifestyle essentials designed to take you from the office to the gym, the beach, or wherever the waves of life take you.

A brand with a story to tell 

Our blog features stories about getting out there, while our clothes are inspired by riding life to its fullest. From white-collar ripples in a pond to a tidal wave of endless potential. We love to share what inspires us and keeps us focused on the journey ahead. 

4x4 Adventures
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Self Defence Classes 
& Workshops


We offer programs for all ages and all skill levels with a focus on developing self-confidence, discipline, and empowerment.

Get started with our intro courses and advance to the next level. Build physical strength, learn self-defense techniques and explore different styles of the fighting arts. 


Why Northern Tsunami? Because we're not just a studio. We're a family that's here to help you train for the unpredictable, empowering you with skills for the future like bullying prevention, conflict resolution, and more.

Northern Tsunami Studio is a multi-system black belt program focusing on the Filipino Martial Arts of Modern Arnis and Shirenkan Combatives. These arts are rooted in the traditional fighting systems of the Philippines and Japan, incorporating techniques from stick fighting, karate, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing.

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We believe in the journey. It's the destination that matters, but getting there can be half the fun.

Join us on our blog as we ride the waves of life and share our adventures with you!

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