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NBIFC Community Program

Free community self-defense program.

Service Description

Classes are provided by the NBIFC Kids Jiu Jitsu - 5:00-6pm - Ages 6-12 Youth/Adult Jiu Jitsu - 6:00-7pm - Ages 13+ For more information and to register with the NBIFC program contact Andrew Smith 705-472-2811 x 253 Program Description Shirenkan Jiu Jitsu is translated from Japanese as “Tested and forged in our house through SHI -to test- (but successfully test); REN -forge, forgery-; KAN - Home or hall”. This modern based self defense system finds its roots from Japanese Jujutsu (Jiu Jitsu or Ju Jutsu). This system focuses on the development of personal protection and awareness. Shirenkan Jiu Jitsu is a very well rounded system incorporating striking and blocking, throws and takedowns, submission grappling, joint locks, and chocking variations. When beginning to walk the path of a Shirenkan practitioner the basics(kihon) are strongly emphasized. These basics include body movement (tai-sabaki), falling safely (ukemi), off-balancing (kuzushi), and combative distancing (maaiOur focus with the Shirenkan system is As each student develops within the system more advanced techniques and principles are applied. Students will gain and improve their skills both physically and mentally. All techniques taught in the Shirenkan system include learning the English and Japanese translation to each and every part of the curriculum which assists in enhanced learning skills. This system is easily integrated into your own style. Take self defense to an all new level!

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Located on the main level. Wheel chair accessable 21 Farley Avenue, North Bay, ON, Canada

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